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The Harbor

Marina di Salivoli, active since August 2000, is the northernmost port of the Tyrrhenian Sea which, exactly at that point merges with the Ligurian Sea.

The port is located in the residential area of Piombino, northwest of the city center, being the closest point to reach Corsica from the peninsula, and the only one overlooking for the entire Tuscan Archipelago.

It neiborghs with the equipped beach of Salivoli and with the little beach "Scoglio d'Orlando";

well known especially by the local people.

The beach is reachable through the port itself, a gravel cove between the rock and the eastern root of Punta Falcone.

The port was created to enhance and attract tourism in a city with a great historical and cultural


Useful informations- Moorings

The capacity is about 490 berths for vessels with a maximum length of 18 meters; the depths of the seabed are around 3-4 meters on average. Access is difficult with strong sirocco winds.

Access time: continuous

Lighthouses and lights: 2019 (E 1454.1) - Red flashes light, 3 sec period, 6 mg range at the end of the breakwater pier.

Seabed: Sand and rock

Backdrops: 2.5 to 4 m on the quay

VHF CHANNEL: VHF channel 16 - 09

Maximum length: 18 m

Traversia: South, South-East, South-West

Close to: From the northern quadrants

Closest safe bays: Gulf of Baratti, Calamoresca

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