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The Marina di Salivoli (42 ° 55 '52' 'N - 010 ° 30' 24 '' E), is the northernmost port of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Protected by a small natural cove, between Salivoli beach and Punta Falcone, is currently a tourist port capable to offering all the comforts to navigators.

Our berths are equipped to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

They enjoy maximum flexibility: our berths can be rented for long or short periods, with various formulas designed to allow the greatest freedom.

This Marina is open on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Tuscan coast, the Marina di Salivoli is able to offer a structure suited to perfection. Within a few miles, you can have the opportunity to take advantage of a myriad of enchanting landings that will leave you breathless: Corsica, Elba Island, Cerboli, Palmaiola, Capraia and Sardinia.

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